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7.11. - 12.12.2015

Domestic Space | PaperEdition

Zweigstelle Berlin

„Domestic Space 4 | PaperEdition“ presents works on paper by 45 selected artists from the ART-Shop-portfolio of Zweigstelle
Berlin in the gallery‘s spaces. In the framework of our concept, the limits of paper as a fragile support material are explored playfully,
and diverse conceptions of drawing, painting, and photography brought together. In the exclusive atmosphere of Zweigstelle, visitors
can expect an enthralling collection of contemporary works that investigate the possibilities of artistic techniques and that seek to uncover the medium‘s abstract as well as figurative levels. Zweigstelle Berlin is delighted to present both young and established
artists while offering insights into the wide spectrum of possibilities offered by this artistic genre.

Thomas Hellinger • o.T. 2015 • Öl/Papier • 65x50cm
o.T. 2015 • Öl/Papier • 65x50cm
Einladungskarte: Domestic Space | PaperEdition • Lehrterstr. 37, 10557 Berlin